Mission partners

While we have been given responsibility to be the people of God here in our part of Lincoln, we are part of a huge worldwide family of believers and we seek to play our part in helping others in their mission and ministry wherever they are.

We are currently partnering in particular with Kip Chelashaw, a church planter in Nairobi Kenya.

Kip is originally from Kenya and currently serves a assistant minister at East Dean church near Eastbourne. Having spent half his life in the UK, he now feels called to return to Nairobi.

In mid 2017, he and Rachel plan to move to Nairobi together with their 4 children (Elijah, Ezra, Susanna and bump!) to lead a church plant.

Rachel was born in South Africa to missionary parents, has worked as a nurse and served as a missionary and now looks after the children.

You can read more on the UFM website.

In partnership with St Peter in Eastgate we also support:

South India

Church of South India

Through the Diocese of Lincoln, we are linked with the Diocese of Tirunelveli in the Church of South India. As a church we have hosted a number of visitors from South India over the years and visits have been made to South India by members of the St Peter’s congregations. We are particularly involved in financially supporting their work amongst deaf people.

You can find out more about their work here. https://tirunelvelidiocesedeafministry.org/

South Sudan

AIDSt Peters has longstanding links with South Sudan and particularly with the village of Mvolo. Through Anglican International Development, we are funding a pastor for the village to train at theological college as well as providing some essential humanitarian aid.

You can find out more about their work here: https://interanglicanaid.org/

Closer to home, we support:

The Joy Foundation

The Joy FoundationThe Joy Foundation is a local charity witnessing to the love of God in our local schools. As well as providing some financial support, members of the congregation are also involved as volunteers.

More details of their work here https://www.joyfoundation.org.uk/